General House Rules

Dear guests,

In order to make your stay at the City Hotel Monopol even more pleasant, we ask you to read the following house rules and pass them on to all fellow travelers.

The employees of the hotel are generally authorized to issue instructions to each guest in order to comply with public order and the house rules.

Dealing with hotel property

The furnishings in the hotel rooms as well as the furniture and other furnishings in the entire hotel area must be treated with care. We would like to point out that any damage caused by you must be compensated and charged by the hotel.

Smoking and open fire

Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel and only allowed outside the building. The hotel assumes no liability if a fire alarm is triggered due to unauthorized smoking or if the smoke detectors have been deliberately manipulated. The resulting costs of using the Hamburg fire brigade or other security services are to be paid directly on site. If guests are found to be smoking in the rooms, a special cleaning fee of €150.00 will be charged. Furthermore, open fires and the lighting of candles are not permitted in the hotel rooms, stairwells, corridors and sanitary areas. We point out that damage caused by you must be compensated and will be charged by the hotel.

Entrance / Key

At check-in you will receive a room key, which you t use to open the room door. When leaving your room, please close the room door and check that the door is locked. The room key must be returned to reception upon your departure. If you need a second room key, please report to reception. The loss of the room key must be reported immediately to the hotel reception. The replacement will be charged.


Our reception is staffed 24 hours a day. We ask you to report any complaints in the room or inconveniences caused by the hotel staff to the reception immediately.

Arrival & departure

On the day of your departure, the room must be vacated by 12 p.m. at the latest. If you still have an appointment after clearing the room and your luggage is a nuisance, you can store it at the reception. In this context, please note that the space at reception for storing luggage is limited and that we accept no liability for loss or damage to your luggage.


Our rooms are cleaned daily. Please decide for yourself whether you would like a change of towels by placing them on the floor. For security reasons, you are not allowed to lean out of the window. The windows may only be opened to air the rooms. Placing and storing objects such as bottles, food, etc. on the window sill is prohibited. Any window sills may not be used as seating and we ask that you do not throw anything out of the windows and that you comply with the valid night's rest. We ask you not to throw any pads, tampons (hygiene articles) or other objects into the toilets, as this can lead to blockages in our house pipe systems. We expressly reserve the right to claim for damages if this instruction is disregarded and our company suffers damage as a result. The use of brought along electrical devices, such as kettles, hotplates, music systems or similar, is not permitted. Violations and the resulting damage to the room will be charged in full by the guest.

Dining facilities

Our house has a breakfast area with various offers of food and drinks. In the lobby and bar area we only offer a wide range of drinks. The consumption of food and drinks brought to the premises is not permitted. Exceptions to this must be expressly agreed by the management of our house.


When using our WIFI Internet access, the provisions of the legally appropriate data protection and the protection of children and young people must be observed. Violations of this are generally subject to notification. We assume no liability for damage caused by failure of the WIFI connection.

Night's sleep, order and security

From 10:00 p.m. the night's rest must be observed in all rooms and corridors. Non-observance of the night's rest can lead to an immediate ban from our house. In this case, the guest loses his right to accommodation and a refund of any fees paid in advance. Irrespective of this, the guest who was expelled due to the violation of the night's rest must pay in full for the booked service, even if he was unable to attend or accept it. Our house expects respectful interaction with other guests, residents and the staff. Out of consideration for the hotel neighbors and other guests, any noise should be avoided when leaving and returning to our hotel after 10 p.m. People who are not registered in our booking system and are brought through guests in our house are only permitted after prior registration at the reception. We reserve the right to refuse access in individual cases.

Illegal drugs and weapons

Bringing illegal intoxicants and weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate banning. In this case, the responsible authorities will also be informed.


Bringing pets is subject to a fee and requires the consent of the hotel or its employees. The guest is obliged to register his pet in advance. Pets may only be brought along provided that the animals are under the constant supervision of the guest, are free of contagious diseases and do not pose any other danger to the hotel staff or other hotel guests. If you are outside the hotel, we ask that you do not leave pets alone in the room. If you leave your pet alone in the room for a short period of time, we ask that you place the do not disturb sign on the outside of the room door to prevent our cleaning staff from entering the rooms during this time. You are welcome to inform our staff at the reception at what time the room cleaning would bepossible. In the case of heavy soiling and/or odors, we reserve the right to charge for the extra cleaning costs. The same applies to damage caused by your animal. Dogs must also be kept on a leash in the hotel and on the hotel grounds. If the house rules are disturbed by the animal, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the guest accommodation contract.

Parking garage

The use of our parking spaces in the multi-storey car park / NOMIS QUARTIER is subject to a fee and must be registered upon reservation/arrival. Please note the entrance and clearance height of 1.90 m. We ask that you do not leave any valuables in the car. We assume no liability for damage to and in the car. You can get a map and a description at the hotel reception.


Our fire alarm is a loud beep. When this sounds, it is no longer allowed to go to the room and the hotel must be left as quickly as possible using the signposted escape routes. In this case, the use of the lift is prohibited and only the stairs and emergency stairs may be used; the emergency exits are marked accordingly.An evacuation plan is on the inside of the room door and in the hallways. Please read the fire prevention instructions posted on the floors carefully and follow the rules and instructions of the staff in the event of an emergency.
Changes to our house rules are possible at any time and can be viewed at the reception.

We reserve the right to terminate the existing contract and to stop services for those guests who disregard our house rules and cause damage to the staff, other guests or the hotel through their behavior.

Thank you for your attention and for observing our house rules. If you have any further questions about your stay, we are always at your disposal.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Cityhotel Monopol.

The general terms and conditions, which can be viewed on request, continue to apply.

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